Astra Technology

Astra Technology has been providing IT-related services for over 26 years now. We specialise in recovering data from electronic carriers (hard disks, disk arrays, flash memory devices, memory cards). Also, we provide repair and maintenance services as well as sales of computer parts and components.

In addition, we deal with computer forensics — we secure data carriers and extract evidence for use in courts. We conduct official destruction of company data confirmed by a record, in accordance with the requirements imposed in legal provisions concerning sensitive data protection.

We hold all necessary certificates, as required by Polish law. They permit us to collect, transport, recover, and process computer waste (including hazardous waste). More information can be found in the full offer.

Why recover data with Astra Technology?

We are a company with many years' experience in the trade of recovering data from all types of electronic carriers. Over the years in the business, we have had the exquisite pleasure of working for hundreds of clients, each case always concluded with successfully recovered data and mutual satisfaction. At work, we use the experience of our engineers, who are equipped with state-of- the-art devices and specialist software. You have only one chance to recover your data — trust us!

Our offer

We specialise in a narrow scope of IT services, and that is why we do it best!

Recovering data from disks

We recover lost data from all types of hard and optical disks (CD/DVD/BluRay).

Recovering data from disk arrays

At our disposal, we have a technical infrastructure which allows us to recover electronic data from disk arrays.

Recovering data

from Flash memory devices.
We recover information saved on flash memory devices (pen drives) as well as on all types of memory cards.

Recovering photographs

We are able to recover lost photographs from photo cameras, memory cards and mobile devices.

Erasing data

We specialise in permanent erasing of data from all kinds of electronic carriers.

Computer forensics

We secure carriers and retrieve electronic evidence.

Important figures

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